Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling is a method that can restore uneven concrete surfaces to their original position. The process is cheaper than slab replacement, and it addresses the issues that cause uneven concrete. Concrete leveling is a viable option to replacing concrete in homes, businesses and industries.

Uneven concrete surfaces may cause many problems within a property. For example, they may cause exterior brick and stone to become misaligned or cause hardwood floors within a home or business to warp. Concrete leveling fixes these problems, and also improves the look of a home or business.

Sunken Sidewalk Repair

A sunken sidewalk is a nuisance that can create a trip hazard for people who are walking on your land. This can make your property appear dilapidated. It may also affect the value of your business or home. Concrete leveling can be used to level your sunken sidewalk and is a durable, cost-effective solution for your driveway or patio.

There are many different ways to level concrete, such as foam leveling. Concrete leveling involves injecting an expanding polyurethane under the sunken concrete in order to raise it back to its initial position. Concrete leveling is an efficient and fast method of Sidewalk Repair, That allows you to use your parking pad, driveway, or sidewalk as soon as it is finished.

Foam Leveling Beats Mudjacking Hands Down

There is a very good reason that most concrete contractors prefer to repair their slabs using concrete leveling rather than mud jacking. The new slab will be poured on top of an existing soil foundation, and it is likely to settle and crack like the old slab. Concrete leveling will correct the underlying issue, and last much longer than pouring another slab.

Mudjacking or concrete replacement require digging up the old slab and removing it, which can be time-consuming and labor intensive. However, concrete leveling is quicker and more cost-effective, requiring only a few hours to complete. Concrete leveling is also possible in any weather, and it’s strong enough to support pedestrians and vehicles.

Concrete leveling is also environmentally friendly. It uses recycled foam polyurethane which is more environmentally friendly than traditional filler material such as dirt or rock. It also reduces truck traffic, further reducing congestion and pollution on local roads and highways.

Call us the next time you see an uneven surface on your property. We will be happy to answer any questions about our concrete leveling services. Call us to get started today.

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