Commercial Coffee Machines

You can offer your customers and staff members coffee that is cafe-quality using a commercial coffee machine. It will look great in any professional kitchen.

A brushed stainless steel barista coffee maker can be an ideal addition to your office. It can help boost team spirit and save money on costly queues at the Commercial Coffee Machines Melbourne.

La Marzocco

La Marzocco is a brand that is well known in the coffee industry for its quality espresso and cappuccino machines. Their commercial coffee machines are employed in high volume cafes and by professional baristas. These commercial La Marzocco machines are durable robust, strong, and reliable. The brand is also known for its focus on design and details.

Their iconic designs sport an elegant, modern look that is easy to use. These coffee machines are made to help your business thrive and can be customised by adding various features.

Linea PB, and LM are two of the most well-known models. The LM has dual boilers, saturated heads and PID temperature controls. This allows the machine to handle heavy demand while maintaining a constant temperature for brewing. It’s an excellent choice for cafes that want to increase their efficiency without losing quality. The LM also comes with an energy saving feature that uses discharged water to heat the incoming water and reduce power consumption by 8%.

Nuova Simonelli

Also known as ‘Musica’ this new machine is made for those who want to feel confident in making quality coffee at home. With commercial grade componentry and easy-to-use features that can help you perfect your technique. This includes adjusting your grind dose, tamp and grind for the perfect triple colour crema and the perfect balance of flavours.

The temperature control of the brewing unit ensures regular extractions. Musica includes two-liter heat exchange boiler which enables you to steam shots and pull milk at the same time. It also comes with the thermo-compensated group, as well as a steaming system derived from larger, professional machines.

This compact 2 group machine is perfect for home use and low-volume commercial applications. It has a broad variety of features, including the manual control of your shot and volumetric brewing. The aurelia T3 system that is only available in digital versions, lets you to regulate the temperature of your water. The well-designed grouphead fits commercial 58mm portafilters and is beloved for its thermal stability.

Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino is dedicated to providing baristas with the latest espresso machines that combine aesthetic beauty and a unique function. These machines are constructed in Italy with the finest materials. They are simple to use and provide precise brewing. They are also environmentally friendly and can be controlled via a mobile app.

Pier Teresio Arduino, who founded the company in 1905 with the idea of creating an espresso machine without compromising on technology or quality was born. He filed numerous patents and invested heavily in research to develop innovative espresso machines that redefined the boundaries of modern coffee makers.

The Eagle One espresso machine by Victoria Arduino combines high-end performance and sustainability to make some of the finest coffees available. It features a TERS System that utilizes waste water to heat the incoming water. This saves 8percent of energy usage and produces an environmental footprint of 23% less impact than similar espresso machines.

Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional offers best-in-class commercial kitchen equipment and laundry solutions for hotels, restaurants hospitals, and other service industries. The company operates in EMEA and North America. It has a strong brand name and a wide product line, which gives an excellent opportunity for long-term growth.

Coffee is a universal beverage that has become the worldwide drink of choice. The company is working to help businesses to offer their customers an unbeatable cup of coffee that keeps customers coming back.

Electrolux is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty appliances for the hospitality industry. Their tilting kettles as well as pressure braising pans and combi-ovens help chefs get the job done in a hurry. They also have a selection of restaurant coffee machines designed with the hospitality industry in mind. These products are built with high-quality components and welded construction to provide the stability that hospitality companies need. They also have a simple touchscreen interface and simple-to-use technology that allows users to save time and money.

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