Mixing in Totes With a Tote Mixer

If you’re working in an industry that deals with large amounts of liquid and solids, the Tote Digital Drive could be an important piece of equipment. These versatile devices are perfect for mixing large amounts of solid, liquid or granular materials. These devices are available in power, manual, manual, or explosion-proof versions. The design and material employed in each model make them highly versatile and suitable for a range of uses. This article outlines some of the main features of each type of Tote Mixer and how you can use one to fit your needs.

XtraFlo Lite tote mixers can be used to mix IBC totes. They’re light and modular. They are easy to set up, dismantle and are compatible with almost any IBC tote tank. Xtra-Flo Lite mixers are used in a variety of tank sizes and are simple to use. If you’re mixing a non-sludge solution or a more viscous liquid, an XtraFlo mixer is the ideal solution.

An air operated Tote Mixer is designed to mix liquids within an IBC. These mixers are available in different sizes, ranging from 1-gallon pails all the way to an 750-gallon shipping bag. A majority of these tote mixer models feature a gear-driven mixer and a collapsible impeller. They are extremely adaptable due to their adjustable shafts and can be fitted with different gear ratios.

A fold-up impeller is employed to achieve radial or axial flow in the IBC. This impeller is inserted into the top entry of the tote and unfolds during the mixing process. This stops side-flow and assures an even mixing throughout the IBC. The Heavy Duty Folding Impeller is twice as big as its counterpart. It is a top-quality Tote Mixer.

Tote Mixers are also highly efficient and come with multistage technology. For high-viscosity mixing applications, the DM-55GDA is a good example. These mixers come with a folding impeller that fits into the bung hole. It blends thick and liquids with greater security. Tote Mixers can be outfitted with multiple stages of mixing to ensure greater levels of product uniformity.

The Dynamix Tote Mixer Series includes different models that can be used with a variety of plastic totes. Customers who need a durable and high-quality tote mixer that is easy to set up will love the Dynaflow Tote Mixer. A Tote Mixer can help you save both time and money. It allows for consistent mixing without compromising effectiveness or color quality.

Pulsair’s Tote Mixer is an air-powered pneumatic tote mixer that is able to safely mix liquids in totes with various viscosity levels. It is also resistant to the destruction of plastic liners. Its unique design makes it possible to be safe to use in any environment. It’s also safe to use in totes constructed of stainless steel, polyethylene and plastic liners. Whether you’re mixing liquids in large or small totes, Pulsair’s Tote Mixer can get the job done.

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