The Slides Of The Jumper Are Ideal For Parties With Children Older Than

Magic Jump Rentals is the ideal option for your rental of a bounce house requirements. We deliver bounce houses in Southern California, including San Diego and Ventura counties. Our bounce house rentals include units measuring 8×10 feet and inflatables that measure 20×20 feet. You can pick from climbing walls bounce houses, carnival games. No matter if you want something simple or more elaborate our bounce house rentals are sure to please!

Prices for renting bounce houses varies greatly, depending on size and features. A basic bounce house is around $185, while more expensive jump houses can cost upwards of $1,000. More expensive rentals typically include additional features, like delivery, set-up, and take-down. Make sure to ask about extras before booking your bounce house rental. Some companies include delivery, setup and take-down as part of their rental costs.

Find reviews from customers. Be sure that the bounce house rental company you’re considering has a lengthy history of happy customers. While a company might have numerous 5-star reviews, it’s important to remember that there is no perfect company. Check out bounce house rental companies to see if they have addressed customer complaints. As long as the reviews are positive, you’re safe to pick the right one for your event.

Make sure that the area is free of outlets and clutter prior to renting the bounce house. Clear any area near the bounce house to avoid tripping. Also, make sure that the bounce house is in a safe location. It’s fun to jump, but make sure you examine the weather forecast prior to making the decision. Be aware that bounce houses are designed to withstand stronger winds. Before you pick the location, make sure you check the local wind speed.

For children younger than that, consider a Bounce House Rentals Park Ridge, IL that is standard. These are the most sought-after inflatable rentals, and are perfect for kids between the ages of 2 and 7. Although smaller children can play on the bounce house slide, bigger children might not be capable of climbing it. These jumpers can even be used as climbing walls and slide rentals. When used properly, these rentals are an excellent addition to any event.

For the person who is the most competitive think about renting an obstacle course inflatable. These inflatables make an excellent addition to any corporate or private party. Inflatable Party Magic specializes in inflatable obstacle courses. Inflatable obstacle courses are an ideal challenge for teens. The obstacle course bounce house rentals are great for corporate events, because they get everyone involved. They’re great entertainment for everyone. You can have the inflatable obstacle course delivered directly to your venue so that guests can race eachother.

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