Upgrade Your Ute With Steel Trays Queensland

If you’re planning to upgrade the tray on your ute, it’s important to choose the right one. This is especially important if you have an cab-chassis vehicle that has leaf-spring rear suspensions.

If not protected properly, steel will corrode significantly in coastal environments. However commercial aluminium trays coated with hot-dip galvanising, or powder coatings are extremely resistant to corrosion.


Tradies and farmers use ute tray to carry equipment, larger pieces of machinery, and tools. The vast array of materials and options can make it difficult to choose which tray is the best one for you. Aluminium and steel trays, for instance, each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Steel Trays Queensland are extremely tough, and they have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Steel tray are also resistant to corrosion. They are heavier than aluminum trays and could cause a rise in use of fuel and mechanical wear.

TUFF’s welded trays are constructed with a strong RHS frame and headboard. This gives them additional strength. They’re then abrasive blasting and primed with high zinc, then powder coated in-house. They’re then coated with an automotive two-pack finish and colour matched to your cab. TUFF has developed tray for pest control teams and local parks and recreation teams that operate in a rough terrain. The trays come with winches and air compressors, as well as battery boxes.

Strengthening Your Body

Steel trays can be utilized to perform heavy-duty tasks. Steel trays are durable and durable so they’re much less likely to scratch, scratch or break than aluminium tray. They also tend to be more resistant to corrosion.

Another benefit of a stainless steel tray is that it can help increase fuel efficiency. This is particularly important for the cab chassis vehicles which are often driven unladen or with an unload of light. They have rear suspensions with leaf springs that are designed to handle payloads up to one ton. They are stiff when empty. The addition of a steel tray can compress these springs, making the vehicle more comfortable to drive on empty.

But, if your work involves the transportation of landscaping supplies and similar materials such as piles of sand and rocks that could fall with tremendous force from the bucket of a front-end loader, an aluminum tray may be a better choice. It’s also less expensive unless you require it to be made custom and can be more expensive due to the lengthy fabrication time.

Easy Assembly

The Ozy steel tray is the best value in the market. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade their ute with a heavy duty tray that can handle some rough-and-tumble action. This high-tensile powder coated steel tray will last and perform better than other tray at its price point. It is also less likely to dent than aluminium units.

However, it can still be prone to rust and corrosion due to the iron content of steel. It is also heavier than aluminium, which can reduce fuel efficiency, especially if you are driving a lot. It can also impact the weight of your vehicle’s kerb and GVM capacity. It is crucial to weigh the pros and cons before making the decision.


Steel trays have been in use for a long time and remain a viable option for those who need an ute tray that’s robust and able to withstand rough and tumble. Steel tray is more resistant to dents than alloy trays and can handle more muddy, wet conditions than aluminum.

Based on the nature of the work you’re doing, steel might be the best option if you are required to carry heavy equipment, such as sledgehammers or jackhammer drill bits. Steel is four times stronger and three times more rigid than aluminium.

Aluminium trays also weigh less than steel tray. This could make a big difference in the payload capacity of your ute can carry. Every pound you save could make a huge difference to the fuel efficiency of your vehicle if you are racking up the miles.

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